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In fine archaeological company!
  • A society for amateurs aswell as professionals
  • Based in Värmland, in the west inland of Sweden, but with the World as field of interest
  • With our own Magazine, called Skärvan (the Shard), distributed quarterly (We haven't published any articles in English though... yet!)
    For our members we arrange:
  • seminars and members' meetings
  • excursions to local archaeological sites in Värmland
  • trips to archaeological sites and exhibitions in Värmland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark...
Click here to see Värmland (10 kb) Click the picture to see a more
detailed map of Värmland (10 kb)

We welcome Members from all over the Web!

Membership fee is 100 SEK anually plus additional costs for abroad mail.

Easiest way to V.A.S is... e-mail to us ...and we will try to answer any questions.

Of course, You can also write in our Guestbook!

We also recommend a visit to the website of Värmlands Museum, the County Museum, to learn more about Värmland's cultural history (opens new window).

Welcome to V.A.S

and Thank You for Your Time!

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