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The following people participated in the meeting at Isegran in Jan. 2000 and initiated the Utmark network. Links followed by letters (eg. DK, NO, SE) indicates in which language the linked website mainly is made.
Further down the page are links to other Outland resources etc.
Please send links to other sites that might be of interest for this network, and also report any broken links, to webmaster


Jette Arneborg, Denmark •

Ella Johansson, Sweden • (SE)

Peter Emil Kaland, Norway • (NO)

Sigrid Kaland, Norge • (NO)

Ditlev Mahler, Denmark • (DK)

Irmelin Martens, Norway (NO)

Stefan Nilsson, Sweden • (SE)

Eva Svensson, Sweden • (SE)

Stig Welinder, Sweden • (SE)

Other resources

The Norwegian Institute for Cultural History Research (NIKU) (NO)

Flexibility as tradition – The Ängersjö project (SE) or

Nordic Forest History Network

The North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation – Nabo

Icelandic Institute of Archaeology – Fornleifastofnun Íslands

LHGO – Liten Historisk-geografisk ordlista
("Small Historic - Geographical Glossary") (SE)

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